To all our Gorgeous Guests,


Today we let our team know that the Green Park Hotel in Darlinghurst will be closing at the end of the year following the sale of the building to St Vincent’s Hospital.

The Green Park has been owned by the Solomon family for more than 30 years and is the remaining building on the block to become apart of the St Vincent’s Hospital.

The Greeny is a much loved community pub in Darlinghurst and an iconic venue within the LGBTQI community. It is also an iconic pub for Solotel staff with many of our team learning the ropes behind the bar.

We have received so much support over the years from our much loved guests and the Greeny family and it’s meant the world to us. To each
and every one of you, we say thank you for making the Greeny all that it was.

The hospital will be putting the building to great use as it becomes an integral part of the outstanding hospital related patient and community care St Vincent’s provides the Darlinghurst and greater Sydney community, particularly for the poor and vulnerable. We look forward to seeing how it continues to care and support the community into the future.

The Green Park exemplifies Solotel’s values of belonging, authenticity and diversity and it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Last drinks will be Sunday, 20 December and we look forward to celebrating with our guests over the coming weeks and giving the Green Park the sendoff it deserves.

We’ll be back in touch with more details on this a little closer to the time.

See you at the bar gorgeous,


The Green Park Team. 





Well darls, we’ve almost made it. It’s the last quarter of 2020, the finish line is in sight. If that isn’t cause for celebration, we don’t know what is.


As we gleefully prepare to send off the year that was, you should also be preparing for a Christmas blowout. Rally the troops, message your group chats, call your Mums & Dads and bring the doggo too because you survived 2020 – treat yourself!


If all you want for Christmas is to go to the pub, we’ve got you covered.