I was born in London to a Chinese dad and a Scottish mum, with 4 sisters. We moved to Hong Kong then Edinburgh, Sydney back to Edinburgh, and finally I flew the coop back to Sydney where the sun is strong and winters barely dip below 10. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work in 2 of Solotel’s venues but I’ve had the pleasure of working at Green Park for the last 3 years. I started working in hospitality at pub called the Lord Nelson on a corner in Lieth Edinburgh before I decided I need to grow up and do my own thing; so I played it safe and went back to the city I know and love in 2014, Sydney. 

I love to make Whisky Sours, I can’t control my shoulders when I hear I can’t go for that by Hall & Oats, and the best shift I’ve ever worked at the Green Park was the day Australia voted YES for Marriage Equality in 2017 because I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like that in my life!


All walks of life were united in celebrating such a historic day.