Last year, the Green Park Hotel’s ‘Yesiversary’ party saw the much-loved Darlinghurst stalwart transformed into a buzzing hive of celebration and colour!

This year, the Greenie have teamed up with ACON, NSW’s leading HIV and sexuality and gender diverse health organisation, to create something bigger, more inclusive and longer lasting, to resonate with the entire community and city – declaring November Equality Month.


As party of Equality Month, we're introducing TALKING EQUALITY; 4 panel-style talks, presented in association with ACON.

The series of talks will run every Wednesday evening in November, and feature guest speakers discussing a range of topics including the history of gay activism with trailblazer Peter de Waal, the future of LGBTQIA+ youth, the challenges of HIV stigma in the digital age, and to an insider’s look at Australia’s historic marriage equality campaign.


Every single event will be FREE ENTRY and open to all, and Pure Blonde will be keeping thirsts quenched with $6 schooners all month.

$1 from every Pure Blonde sold will be donated to ACON and Movember




6th November: Reflections on gay activism with Peter de Waal


Join gay rights pioneer Peter de Waal as he reflects on being a 1970 CAMP Inc  foundation member at the beginning of the gay rights movement in Australia. He shares his insights on how far we come and the lessons we can learn from the past as we continue to fight for our rights in the future.



13th November: The future of LGBTQIA+ youth


Hear from Julie Catt, Co-Chair of Twenty10, talking about the pressing issues facing LGBTIQ+ youth today and what we need to do to make sure young people are empowered, supported, remain strong and resilient.



20th November: A look back at the marriage equality campaign


Two people who were at the forefront of the ‘Yes’ campaign – Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and local community activist Elaine Czulkowski – reflect on the fight for equality, and offer insights on activism, advocacy and grassroots campaigning. 



27th November: HIV stigma in the digital age


We’ve come a long way towards ending HIV transmissions in NSW but HIV stigma can have profound impacts for people living with HIV and affect those at risk from seeking services and getting tested. In this informal pub talk on the eve of World AIDS Day, ACON peers chat about PreP, the challenges of HIV stigma in digital age, exploring thorny questions and topics along the way.


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